Access for Student and Researchers

Opportunities for Students and Researchers

The EVA project covers several diverse aspects from technology to computer science to astrophysical research, and therefore it offers opportunities and challenges for many diverse types of contribution.


The specifications required to run a fully robotic facility in an extreme and harsh environment such as those in the Arctic or Antarctic demand a very careful and insightful design. The project will be glad to consider contributions from skilled engineers, as well as from trainees.

IT and data archive

EVA will deliver an estimated 70 Terabytes of data per semester from either Pole, and demand a corresponding ability to store and process the data for offline analysis. At the same time, it will be required to process selected, smaller subsets via an online data pipeline. These requirements call for contributions from skilled programmers as well as students in various fields of computer science.


An EVA Science Group is foreseen to be formed in late 2016, in order to provide recommendations on the optimization of the data analysis and on pipeline recipes. Later on, we foresee to attract a much larger group of scientists and students. In Thailand, we aim not only at involving staff researchers in this project, but also at recruiting several Master and PhD students who will have a opportunity to choose thesis projects with this exciting and ground-breaking facility. 

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