NARIT is a leading organization in Thailand and South-East Asia based in Chiang Mai. In particular, NARIT manages the Thai National Observatory at a 2,457m site on Doi Inthanon, with a new 2.4-meter telescope which is the largest in South East Asia. NARIT also comprises an optical laboratory which includes all the essential equipment to perform cutting edge research in optics.


The workshop

The concept of the proposed workshop is to initiate to the optical design methods related to imaging instruments. The participants will learn the methods to design an optical instrument and how to use the ZEMAX OpticStudio software. The workshop will be addressed to advanced students (PhD students, and MSc students), people from the industry and researchers. After the workshop the participants will be able to design simple optical instruments for imaging applications.

Due to the Covid-19 situation and to the fact that the workshop will be given on-line, the program has been reduced compared to the previous editions and will address the following domains:

  • Definition of an optical system.
  • Optical aberrations and image quality criteria.
  • Optical design: from classical optical systems to an introduction to off-axis systems.
  • Introduction to sensitivity and tolerancing analysis.
  • Practical optical design sessions with ZEMAX software.

The workshop will start on the Monday 13th April afternoon until the Saturday 19th morning. The workshop courses will thus cover a duration equal to five days and a half and will comprise both theoretical courses and practical activities with the ZEMAX OpticStudio software. The workshop will be given fully on-line using the Zoom application during sessions of two hours by researchers experienced in optical design.