The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) – NARIT, Ministry of Science and Technology wins an ‘Outstanding Organization in Science and Technology Award’ from Thailand Toray Science Foundation at its 25th Presentation Ceremony of the year 2018 in the ‘Organization’ category. Given NARIT’s outstanding research and development in Thailand’s astronomy, which reflect our commitment to further develop research works, high-technology astronomy, educational transfer, public outreach and ultimately to create the awareness of astronomical enthusiasm in Thai society – using astronomy as a challenge for human capacity and technology development in the long run.


Dr. Saran Poshyachinda – NARIT Executive Director mentioned over his sheer delight for NARIT has won an accolade from the Toray Foundation on this occasion. Over the past decade, that NARIT has been implementing the mission as the national institute responsible for astronomy development. Our state-of-the-art results are recognized in both research and development aspects, infrastructures at the global arena, knowledge transfer and awareness raising, as well as domestic and international collaborations.

“I think we are on the right track now. NARIT is still very committed to develop our institute to coincide with our current missions to be recognized, then create beneficial outcomes for national development, especially to create human capacity including scientists, engineers, computer programmers, technicians and even students who are inspired by attending our astronomical events” – said Dr. Saran.

The year 2018 marked the 25th Presentation Ceremony of Thailand Toray Science Foundation. NARIT has won the aforementioned accolade in the category of ‘Outstanding Organization” with high capacity and success in science and technology. On this occasion, Dr. Saran Poshyachinda – NARIT Executive Director received the award from the Privy Councilor – General Surayud Chulanont. The event was held at the Grand Hall, The Athenee Hotel Bangkok on March 8th, 2019.

The “Science and Technology Award” of Thailand Toray Science Foundation was selected from the pool of individuals, groups or organizations to be nominated in 3 categories which are 1. Science and Technology Award for individual or organization with outstanding performance in science and technology 2. Science and Technology Fund for teacher or researcher whose work would be beneficial to Thailand’s science and technology 3. Science Education Award for science teacher with creative and outstanding performance in middle school and high school.

Thailand Toray Science Foundation was officially established on 1993 with the donation fund from Toray Industries Ink. (Japan), which is a permanent fund to support the advancement in science and technology in Thailand. Each year, they provide funding in scientific research, environment e.g. chemical engineering, agriculture and physics. They also give out awards to individuals, groups or organizations with outstanding and successful performance in science and technology, believing that science and technology development shall be the significant foundation of national development in the long run.