The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) was honored to welcome distinguished guests from the Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang Mai on November 3, 2023. During their special visit to NARIT's headquarters, Mr. HIGUCHI Keiichi, Consul-General, and Mr. SUGIKI Takahiro, Vice-Consul from the Public Relations and Culture Department, made a significant contribution to promoting global cooperation and knowledge sharing in the field of astronomy.

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NARIT, led by Dr Saran Poshyachinda, the executive director, Dr Wiphu Rujopakarn, the deputy director, and Mr. Koichiro Sugiyama, Acting Director of Division for Radio Observatories Operations and Engineering, extended a warm greeting and welcome to the Japanese Consulate-General. This visit highlighted the expanding scientific and cultural interaction as well as collaboration between Thailand and Japan.


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Mr HIGUCHI and Mr SUGIKI had the exceptional opportunity to experience NARIT's top-notch facilities and gain firsthand insights into the fascinating fields of astronomy and astrophysics. Their tour included NARIT's planetarium, Optics and Photonics Lab, and other cutting-edge facilities. The planetarium, with its stunning astronomical visualizations, provided the Japanese officials with a unique experience.


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The Consulate-General's visit to NARIT also provided an opportunity to strengthen cultural relations between Thailand and Japan. NARIT is committed to pursuing groundbreaking discoveries and fostering collaborations with international partners, and it is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


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