8-13 February 2023

Beijing, the People’s Republic of China

The Ministry of Education Science Research and Innovation (MHESI), Dr. Anek Laothamatas, has made an official visit to Beijing, PRC to strengthen the bilateral collaboration between the two countries in science, technology and innovation.



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During his visit, Dr. Anek met with the President of CAS, Prof. Hou Jianguo, to discuss ways to enhance research and development cooperation between the two countries. The two leaders discussed joint research projects in the areas such as astronomy, space technology, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, to name a few and agreed to work towards promoting academic exchanges and collaborations among scientists and researchers from both countries.

Some of the main highlights of the visit are China National Space Administration (CNSA) where the representative of NARIT, Dr. Wiphu Rujopakarn, Deputy Director of NARIT meets with Prof. Zhang Kejian, Director-General of CNSA and offers NARIT’s deep-space communication payload to be attached to Chang’e7 Satellite which is due to be launched by 2030, and the MoU Signing Ceremony between NARIT and National Space Science Center (NSSC) CAS for the ongoing joint study on Space Weather at Low Latitude under the global Meridian Project.


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Dr. Anek expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and support provided by CAS towards, Thailand’s research and development efforts. He also praised China’s achievements in science and technology, and emphasized the importance of collaboration between the two countries in advancing the global research Agenda.

“The visit to CAS was an opportunity to reaffirm the strong bilateral relations between Thailand and China in Science, technology, and innovation. We are committed to working together to further strengthen our cooperation and to promote academic exchanges, and collaborations in the areas of mutual interests.” Said Dr. Anek.

CAS is one of the world’s leading academic institutions in science and technology, with over 100 research institutes and nearly 70,000 researchers and staff. The academy has a long-standing history of collaboration with research institutions in Thailand, with joint research projects on the topics such as sustainable development, environmental protection, astronomy, space technology and biotechnology.

The visit of the MHESI to the People’s Republic of China is expected to further strengthen the bilateral ties and to promote scientific collaboration, which is essential for the advancement of science and technology. This visit is part of the Thai government’s efforts to enhance research and development collaborations with leading institutions around the world, as well as to promote Thailand’s position as a hub for innovation and technology in the region.

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