9-11 February 2023

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dr. Saran Poshyachinda, Executive Director of NARIT was visited by Mr Hafez Murtza, CEO of Apadilangit. This meeting was the third one in a series of meetings that started in Da Nang, Vietnam, and continued at the Global Malaysia Astronomers Convention (GMAC) in Kuala Lumpur. Apadilangit is a astronomy and space education startup that is currently based in Malaysia.


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The discussion focused on the following topics:

Providing and co-creating resources to Apadilangit online academy for the Asian region to increase the impact of their space science education and outreach programs. Possibility of conducting a research and citizen science project between Thailand and Malaysia students to encourage them to take an interest in space science. Sharing Best Practices in education and outreach methodology to improve the impact of their programmes.

The two agencies also explored potential astronomy economy activities, such as astro-tourism and dark sky conservation, to promote the growth of the industry in the region.

During the visit NARIT ran Mr. Hafez through several divisions such as Centre of Information Technology, Mechatronics Laboratory, Mirror Coating Chamber, Library and NARIT archives and NARIT Planetarium.

The meeting was productive and both parties agreed to continue their discussions in the future. The collaboration between NARIT and Apadilangit is expected to result in significant benefits for space science education and outreach programs in the Asian region.

Furthermore, NARIT welcomed the Apadilangit’s owner to the Thai National Observatory Open House 2023 which is held twice a year in Doi Inthanon National Park, Chom Chong District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

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