Princess Sirindhorn AstroPark

On August 4, 2015, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn named NARIT’s Astro Park as Sirindhorn Astro Park. This marks an utmost patronage towards the institute and its people alike. Princess Sirindhorn Astro Park- NARIT’s Headquarters, a hub for excellence in astronomical research and development for Thailand and also the SEA region that links the entire network of the Thai National Observatory, Regional Observatories for the Public in different geographical zones of Thailand namely, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Chachoengsao, Phitsanulok and Songkhla together with Thai Robotic Telescopes Network with the locations of Chile, China, Australia, Spain and USA.


Princess Sirindhorn AstroPark is comprised of


  • Astronomical Laboratories
  • Centre of Radio Astronomy
  • Centre of Astronomy for Academic and Communication Services
  • Astronomical Library and Archives Centre
  • Office of Directors



The observatory compound offers wide range of telescopes and consists of an 18-ft clamshell dome made of fibre glass that fully opens to the extent of 180 degrees, enabling the installed 0.7-m telescope to obtain an all-sky observation. It also houses a roll-off-roof observatory that offers one 0.5-m telescope and several other 4 to 5 inches telescopes for the public services.


3.Planetarium, Exhibition and Museum

The Planetarium is comprised of a planetarium, equipped with digital FullDome DX4 with a screen of 17-m diametre with a capacity of 160 seats, also with exhibition, museum and science square within the planetarium compound.


4.Centre of Observatory Operations and Engineering Building

  • Mechatronics Laboratory: Develop telescope controlling systems and astronomical instruments
  • High Precision Machining Laboratory: Design and develop high precision mechanicals for telescopes and astronomical instruments and other materials
  • Optical Laboratory: Experiment and develop optical instrumentation for astronomical research and relevant industries
  • Mirror Coating Laboratory: Equipped with qualified mirror coating machine with sputtering chamber for 2.4-m telescope


Things to do at NARIT

  • Planetarium and Exhibits
  • Public nights (star gazing on Saturdays)