Volume 22
Vol. 22 No. 1       Mar/Apr 2019
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Contents and Editorial   Wayne Orchiston   1
A tribute to Professor Govind Swarup, FRS: The Father of Indian Radio Astronomy   Wayne Orchiston and Sudhir Phakatkar    3
Della Porta, Colonna, and Fontana: the role of Neapolitan scientist at the beginning of the telescope era   Mauro Gargano    45
Petrus Apianus’ volvelle for finding the equinoxes   Lars Gislén    60
Merz telescopes at the University Observatory in Christiania, Norway   Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen    65
Four centuries of observations of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter: increasing the astrometric accuracy   J.E. Arlot    78
A history of Western astronomical almanacs   P. Kenneth Seidelmann   93
Power, politics and personalities in Australian astronomy: William Ernest Cooke and the triangulation of the Pacific by wireless time signals   Ian Tasker   113
An account of the comet, which appeared in the months of September, October and November 1807   Captain John Warren   132
On observations of the Great Comet of 1807 (C/1807 R1) from India   R.C. Kapoor    137
John Warren’s unpublished observations of the Great Comet of 1811 from India   R.C. Kapoor    147
Australites. Part 2: early Aboriginal perception and use   Philip A. Clarke   155
Astronomy of the Pardhi Tribe of Central India   Ganesh Halkare, Purushottam Dahedar, Wayne Orchiston and M.N. Vahia    179
Book Reviews (all)
Mercury, by William Sheehan   Clifford J. Cunningham   195
The Cuneiform Uranology Texts: Drawing the Constellations, by Paul-Alain Beaulieu, Eckart Frahm, Wayne Horowitz, and John Steele   Gil Breger    196
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Vol. 22 No. 2       Aug/Sep 2019
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The importance of historical measures for dynamical models of the evolution of Trapezium-type multiple systems   Christine Allen, Leonardo J. Sánchez, Alex Ruelas-Mayorga and Rafael Costero    201
A further application of Google Earth in studying the orientation of ancient Greek monument   Dimitris Sinachopoulos   211
Baiami and the emu chase: an astronomical interpretation of a Wiradjuri Dreaming associated With the Burbung   Trevor M. Leaman and Duane W. Hamacher    225
Minnaert’s folly: a forgotten teaching observatory from the 1960s    David Baneke    238
A tale of three telescopes: the John A. Brashear Company and its 46-cm objective    Richard Taibi    247
The short-lived CSIRO Division of Radiophysics field station at Bankstown Aerodrome in Sydney  Harry Wendt and Wayne Orchiston  266
On two seventeenth century Persian paintings depicting comets or fireballs    R.C. Kapoor   273
Identification of the stars of the Saptarsi Maṇḍala and its vicinity    B.S. Shylaja and R. Venketeswara Pai    294
A history of Drake Municipal Observatory, Des Moines, USA: from riches, to rags, to restoration    Kaley Wresch, Deborah Kent, Janis Winter and Wayne Orchiston    301
Highlighting the history of Japanese radio astronomy. 6: Early solar monitoring at the Radio Research Laboratories of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Hiraiso   Wayne Orchiston and Masato Ishiguro   328
 A hypothetical Romakasiddhānta Calendar    Lars Gislén    339
Book Reviews (all)
Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art, by Benjamin Anderson    Marian Dolan   342
Selene’s Two Faces: From 17th Century Drawings to Spacecraft Imaging, by Carmen Pérez González    Wayne Orchiston   343
Starlight Detectives: How Astronomers, Inventors, and Eccentrics Discovered the Modern Universe, by Alan Hirshfeld   Clifford J. Cunningham   346
Making Stars Physical: The Astronomy of Sir John Herschel, by Stephen Case   Clifford J. Cunningham   347
Kew Observatory & The Evolution of Victorian Science 1840‒1910, by Lee T. Macdonald   Clifford J. Cunningham   348
Fred Whipple’s Empire: The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 1955–1973, by David H. DeVorkin   Jordan D. Marché II   350
Jupiter, by William Sheehan and Thomas Hockey   Clifford J. Cunningham   351
American Eclipses: A Nation’s Epic Race to Catch the Shadow of the Moon and Win the Glory of the World, by David Baron Wayne Orchiston 353
Imagining Other Worlds: Explorations in Astronomy and Culture, edited by Nicholas Campion and Chris Impey   Clifford J. Cunningham   354
The Great Canoes in the Sky: Starlore and Astronomy in the South Pacific, by Stephen Robert Chadwick and Martin Paviour-Smith Wayne Orchiston   355
Rocks, Radio and Radar: The Extraordinary Scientific, Social and Military Life of Elizabeth Alexander, by Mary Harris   Wayne Orchiston   358
Cosmos: The Art and Science of the Universe, by Roberta J.M. Olson and Jay M. Pasachoff Wayne Orchiston 361
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Vol. 22 No. 3       Nov/Dec 2019
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Contents   Wayne Orchiston   363
Treading carefully: V.M. Slipher, C.O. Lampland, E.C. Slipher and their ambivalent relationship with Percival Lowell’s Mars   William Sheehan    365
The concepts of deśāntara and yojana in Indian astronomy   Padmaja Venugopal, K. Rupa, S.K. Uma, and S. Balachandra Rao   401
The calendars of Southeast Asia. 1: Introduction   Lars Gislén and C.J. Eade    407
The calendars of Southeast Asia. 2: Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia   Lars Gislén and C.J. Eade    417
The calendars of Southeast Asia. 3: Vietnam   Lê Thành Lân   431
 The calendars of Southeast Asia. 4: Malaysia and Indonesia   Lars Gislén and C.J. Eade   447
The calendars of Southeast Asia. 5: Eclipse calculations, and the longitudes of the Sun, Moon and planets in Burmese and Thai astronomy   Lars Gislén and C.J. Eade   458
The calendars of Southeast Asia. 6: Calendrical records   Lars Gislén and C.J. Eade   479
Notes on the transmission of Ptolemy’s Almagest and some geometrical mechanisms to the era of Copernicus   Kevin Krisciunas and Belén Bistué   492
Radio astronomy at Cornell University: the early years, 1946 to 1962   Donald B. Campbell   503
The Tarawera volcanic eruption in New Zealand and Māori cometary astronomy   Wayne Orchiston and John Drummond   521
The Bhāsvatī astronomical handbook of Śatānanda   Sudhira Panda    536
Rationale for Śrīrguṇamitrādivākyas as described in the Laghuprakāśikā   R.Venkesteswara Pai   545
Book Reviews (all)
Vedic Mathematics and Science in Vedas, by S. Balachandra Rao   Mayank Vahia   553
Gerard P. Kuiper and the Rise of Modern Planetary Science, by Derek W.G. Sears   William K. Hartmann   553
Conference Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Dr. Nicolaus Thege-Konkoly and 145th Anniversary of the Founding of the Hurbanovo Observatory, edited by Eduard Koči   Stanislav Šišulák   555
The Lost Planets: Peter van de Kamp and the Vanishing Exoplanets Around Barnard’s Star, by John Wenz   Clifford J. Cunningham   556
Time of our Lives: Sundials of the Adler Planetarium, by Sara J. Schechner   Mike Cowham   557
The First Latin Treatise of Ptolemy’s Astronomy: The Almagest Minor (c. 1200) [Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus, Texts: Volume 1], by Henry Zepeda   Dominque Raynaud   559
Jan Hendrik Oort: Master of the Galactic System, by Pieter C. van der Kruit   Virginia Trimble   561
The Oxford Handbook of the History of Modern Cosmology, edited by Helge Kragh and Malcolm Longair   Wayne Orchiston   565
Index     557
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