Volume 16

Vol. 16 No. 1 Mar/Apr 2013
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The Australian National University’s 2.3m New Generation Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory Don S. Mathewson, John Hart, Hermann P. Wehner, Gary R. Hovey and Jan van Harmelen 2
Aspects of Gond astronomy M.N. Vahia and Ganesh Halkare 29
Chinese records of the 1874 transit of Venus Lingfeng Lu and Huifang Li 45
The life and times of the Parkes-Tidbinbilla Interferometer Ray P. Norris and M.J. Kesteven 55
Albrecht Unsöld: his role in the interpretation of the origin of cosmic radio emission and in the beginning of radio astronomy in GermanyRichard Wielebinski67
Keepers of the double stars Joseph S. Tenn81
Book Reviews (all)
In Search of William Gascoigne: Seventeenth Century Astronomer, by David SellersAlan Batten94
Nicolas-Louis de la Caille Astronomer and Geodesist, by I.S. GlassWayne Orchiston94
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Vol. 16 No. 2 Jul/Aug 2013
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Highlighting the history of Japanese radio astronomy. 2: Koichi Shimoda and the 1948 solar eclipseKoichi Shimoda, Wayne Orchiston, Kenji Akabane and Masato Ishiguro98
A little-known 3-lens catadioptric camera by Bernard Schmidt Wolfgang Busch, Roger C. Ceragioli and Walter Stephani107
The Flynn Creek meteorite impact site and changing views on impact crateringJ.R.H. Ford, Wayne Orchiston and Ron Clendening127
Delphi and cosmovision: Apollo’s absence at the land of the Hyperboreans and the time for consulting the oracleIoannis Liritzis and Belen Castro184
Aurorae in Australian Aboriginal traditionsDuane W. Hamacher207
Book Reviews (all)
Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers Part 2, by Christiaan Sterken, ed.Michael Geffert220
Meeting Venus. A Collection of Papers Presented at the Venus Transit Conference in Tromsø 2012, by Christiaan Sterken and Per Pippin Aspaas, eds.Wayne Orchiston221
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Vol. 16 No. 3 Nov/Dec 2013
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Transits of Venus and Mercury as musesWilliam Tobin224
A comparison of astronomical terminology, methods and concepts in China and Mesopotamia, with some comments on the claims for the transmission of Mesopotamian astronomy to China J.M. Steele250
A possible Harappan astronomical observatory at DholaviraMayank Vahia and Srikumar M. Menon261
Indian astronomy and the transits of Venus. 1: The early observationsR.C. Kapoor269
From the death of the solarians to the birth of astrophysicsAlan H. Batten287
Aboriginal oral traditions of Australian impact cratersDuane W. Hamacher and John Goldsmith295
Eclipses in the Middle East from the Late Medieval Islamic Period to the Early Modern Period. Part 1: The observation of six lunar eclipses from the Late Medieval Islamic PeriodS. Mohammad Mozaffari312
A review of Māori astronomy in Aotearoa-New ZealandPauline Harris, Rangi Matamua, Takirirangi Smith, Hoturoa Kerr and Toa Waaka325
Book Reviews (all)
The Astronomer Jules Janssen: A Globetrotter of Celestial Physics, by Françoise LaunayWayne Orchiston337
Our Enigmatic Universe: One Astronomer's Reflections on the Human Condition, by Alan H. BattenRichard Strom339
The Story of Helium and the Birth of Astrophysics, by Biman B. NathWayne Orchiston340
Index to volume 16342
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