Volume 15

Vol. 15 No. 1 Mar/Apr 2012
Editorial Wayne Orchiston 2
Lomonosov, the Discovery of Venus’s Atmosphere, and the Eighteenth-century Transits of Venus Jay M. Pasachoff and William Sheehan 3
Romanian Astronomy and the 1874 Transit of Venus Magda Stavinschi 15
The M51 Mystery: Lord Rosse, Robinson, South and the Discovery of Spiral Structure in 1845 Wolfgang Steinicke19
The Development of Astronomy in Naples: The Tale of Two Large Telescopes made by William Herschel Mauro Gargano30
‘Astronomy’ or ‘Astrology’: A Brief History of an Apparent ConfusionAlexandre Losev42
Long-publishing Astronomers, or the Problem of Classification Joseph S. Tenn47
James Ferguson Remembered Clive Davenhall57
Some New Insights into the History of the Glasgow Time Ball and Time Guns David Clarke and Roger Kinns59
Hilmar Willi Duerbeck, 1948-2012 Christiaan Sterken, Joseph S. Tenn and Wayne Orchiston68
Book Reviews (all)
Advancing Variable Star Astronomy. The Centennial History of the American Association of Variable Star Observers, by Thomas R. Williams and Michael SaladygaWayne Orchiston70
Celebrating the AAO: Past, Present and Future: Proceedings of a Symposium held in Coonabarabran June 21-25, 2010, to Commemorate 35 Years of the AAO and its Transition to the Australian Astronomical Observatory, edited by Russell Cannon and David MalinStephen Marsden71
Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers, Parts 1 and 2, edited by Christiaan SterkenHilmar W. Duerbeck71
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Vol. 15 No. 2 Jul/Aug 2012
About the JAHH and the cover Inside Cover
A history of radio astronomy polarisation measurements Richard Wielebinski76
The Parkes 18-m Antenna: a brief historical evaluation Wayne Orchiston96
Discovery of the Magellanic Stream Don Mathewson100
In memory of Eugene (Jenő) von Gothard: a pioneering nineteenth century Hungarian astrophysicist Ildikó J. Vincze and István Jankovics105
Advancing astronomy on the American frontier: the career of Frank Herbert Loud Steve Ruskin 115
Possible astronomical meanings of some El Molle relics near the ESO Observatory at La Silla Gabriella Bernardi, Alberto Vecchiato and Beatrice Bucciarelli 137
Book Review
The Great Melbourne Telescope, by Richard Gillespie Wayne Orchiston146
Radio Astronomy and the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage
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Vol. 15 No. 3 Nov/Dec 2012
About the JAHH and the cover Inside Cover
Is Space Flat? Nineteenth Century Astronomy and Non-Euclidean Geometry Helge Kragh149
The Wells Creek Meteorite Impact Site and Changing Views on Impact Cratering J.R.H. Ford, Wayne Orchiston and Ron Clendening159
On the Origin of the Name of the Minor Planet (1441) Bolyai Ákos Csizmadia and Szilárd Csizmadia179
The 1882 Transit of Venus and the Popularization of Astronomy in the USA as Reflected in The New York Times Stella Cottam, Wayne Orchiston and F. Richard Stephenson183
On the Reliability of Han Dynasty Solar Eclipse Records David W. Pankenier200
Highlighting the History of Japanese Radio Astronomy: 1. An IntroductionMasato Ishiguro, Wayne Orchiston, Kenji Akabane, Norio Kaifu, Masa Hayashi, Tsuko Nakamura, Ronald Stewart and Hiromitsu Yokoo213
The University of Texas Millimeter Wave Observatory Paul A. Vanden Bout, John H. Davis and Robert B. Loren232
Sigurd Enebo and Variable Star Research: Nova Geminorum 1912 and the RV Tauri Stars Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen246
IAU Working Group Reports
IAU Historic Radio Astronomy Working Group: Triennial Report (2009-2011) Ken Kellermann255
Book Reviews (all)
Unravelling Starlight: William and Margaret Huggins and the Rise of the New Astronomy, by Barbara J. BeckerSteven J. Dick258
The Day the World Discovered the Sun. An Extraordinary Story of Scientific Adventure and the Race to Track the Transit of Venus, by Mark AndersonWayne Orchiston259
Index to Volume 15260
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