Volume 8

Vol. 8 No. 1 Jun 2005
About the JAHH and the cover Inside Cover
Editorial Wayne Orchiston 2
The Slee Celebration #1: Radio Astronomy Papers
Sixty Years in Radio Astronomy: A Tribute to Bruce Slee Wayne Orchiston 3
The Beginnings of Australian Radio AstronomyWoodruff T. Sullivan, III11
The Impact of F.F. Gardner on Our Early Research with the Parkes Radio TelescopeD.K. Milne, & J.B. Whiteoak33
Other Papers
Magnitude Systems in Old Star CataloguesTomoko Fujiwara & Hitoshi Yamaoka39
‘Popular’ Journals and Community in American Astronomy, 1882 – 1951Jordan D. Marché49
IAU Reports
The IAU Historic Radio Astronomy Working Group. 2: Progress ReportWayne Orchiston, Ron Bracewell, Rod Davies, Jean-François Denisse, Miller Goss, Alastair Gunn, Ken Kellermann, Dick McGee, Masaki Morimoto, Bruce Slee, Slava Slysh, Richard Strom, Woody Sullivan, Govind Swarup, Hugo Van Woerden, Jasper Wall, & Richard Wielebinski65
The IAU Transits of Venus Working Group. 4: Progress ReportWayne Orchiston, Steven J. Dick, Hilmar Duerbeck, Robert van Gent, David Hughes, Willie Koorts, & Luisa Pigatto93
Book Reviews
Astronomical Instruments and Archives from the Asia-Pacific Region, ed. by Wayne Orchiston, F. Richard Stephenson, Suzanne Débarbat, and Nha Il-SeongJohn Perdrix72
The European Scientist: Symposium on the Era and Work of Franz Xaver Von Zach (1754-1832), ed. by Lajos G.Balázs, Peter Brosche, Hilmar W. Duerbeck, & Endre ZsoldosWayne Orchiston72
Empire and the Sun. Victorian Solar Eclipse Expeditions, by Alex Soojung-Kim PangWayne Orchiston72
Advertisement: James Cook UniversityInside Back Cover
Contents Back Cover
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Vol. 8 No. 2 Dec 2005
The Slee Celebration #2: Radio Astronomy Papers
Radio Astronomy at StanfordR.N. Bracewell75
A History of the Potts Hill Radio Astronomy Field Station R.D. Davies87
Early Australian Measurements of Angular Structure in Discrete Radio Sources Bruce Slee97
Other Papers
The Concept and Evaluation of Temperature in the History of AstronomyKevin Johnson107
Astronomy in Service of Shipping: Documenting the Founding of Bergen Observatory in 1855Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen123
A Chinese Observatory Site of 4,000 Years AgoCiyuan Liu, Xueshun Liu & Liping Ma129
John Louis Perdrix (1926-2005)Wayne Orchiston131
New Society
Society for the History of AstronomyWayne Orchiston133
Book Reviews (all)
The Emergence of the Telescope: Janssen, Lipperhey and the Unknown Man, by M. Barlow PepinFred Watson135
The Early Years of Radio Astronomy. Reflections Fifty Years after Jansky's Discovery (reprint edition), by Woodruff T. Sullivan, IIIWayne Orchiston135
England’s Leonardo: Robert Hooke and the Seventeenth-Century Scientific Revolution, by Allan ChapmanAlan H. Batten135
The Astronomer of Rousdon. Charles Grover 1842-1921, by Barbara SlaterWayne Orchiston136
Stromlo: An Australian Observatory, by Tom Frame & Don FaulknerColin Montgomery137
Transit of Venus: the Scientific Event that Led Captain Cook to Australia, by Nick LombGraeme L. White138
Science Technology and Learning in the Ottoman Empire. Western Influence, Local Institutions, and the Transfer of Knowledge, by Ekmeleddin IhsanogluIhsan Hafez138
John Herschel's Cape Voyage: Private Science, Public Imagination and the Ambitions of Empire, by Steven RuskinWayne Orchiston139
Index to Volume 8140
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