Volume 7

Vol. 7 No. 1 Jun 2004
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Charles Todd’s Observations of the Transits of Venus P.G. Edwards 1
The German Transit of Venus Expeditions of 1874 and 1882: Organization, Methods, Stations, ResultsHilmar W. Duerbeck8
The 1882 Transit of Venus Observed in Italian ObservatoriesLuisa Pigatto & Valeria Zanini18
The 1882 Belgian Transit Expeditions to Texas and Chile – a ReappraisalChristiaan Sterken & Hilmar W. Duerbeck25
‘The Grange’, Tasmania: Survival of a Unique Suite of 1874 Transit of Venus RelicsWayne Orchiston & Alex Buchanan34
The Melbourne Observatory Dallmeyer Photoheliograph and the 1874 Transit of VenusB.A.J. Clark & Wayne Orchiston44
IAU Reports
The IAU Transits of Venus Working Group. 3: Progress ReportWayne Orchiston, Steven J. Dick, Hilmar W. Duerbeck, Robert van Gent, David Hughes, Willie Koorts, & Luisa Pigatto50
The IAU Historic Radio Astronomy Working Group. 1: Progress ReportWayne Orchiston, Rod Davies, Jean-François Denisse, Ken Kellermann, Masaki Morimoto, Slava Slysh, Govind Swarup, & Hugo Van Woerden53
The IAU Historical Instruments Working Group. 1: Progress Report 2003-2004Wayne Orchiston, Il-Seong Nha, Jürgen Hamel, Kevin Johnson, Tsuko Nakamura, & Sara Schechner57
The IAU Historical Instruments Working Group. 2: Harvard's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments and its Astronomical TreasuresSara Schechner59
The IAU Astronomical Archives Working Group. 2: Progress ReportWayne Orchiston, Brenda Corbin, Ileana Chinnici, Suzanne Débarbat, Wolfgang Dick, Daniel Green, & Adam Perkins61
Correction to The California-Michigan Axis in American AstronomyDonald E. Osterbrock64
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Vol. 7 No. 2 Dec 2004
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Arthur Stanley Eddington: Pioneer of Stellar Structure TheoryLeon Mestel65
Astrogeodetic Study of the Orientation of Ancient and Byzantine Monuments: Methodology and First Results George Pantazis, Dimitris Sinachopoulos, Evangelia Lambrou, & Romylos Korakitis74
The Publication of the Astronomical Observations of Buenaventura Suárez SJ (1679-1750) in European Scientific Journals Miguel de Asúa81
Investigations of the Interstellar Medium at Washburn Observatory, 1930-58David S. Liebl & Christopher Fluke85
A Leading Nineteenth Century Instrument-maker in Norway and his Astronomical and Geodetic InstrumentsBjørn Ragnvald Pettersen95
Bright Stars and the History of Stellar AstronomyDavid W. Hughes103
The Discovery of Juno and Its Effect on Olbers’ Asteroid Explosion HypothesisClifford J. Cunningham116
The 1948 Solar Eclipse and the Genesis of Radio AstronomyWayne Orchiston118
Book Reviews (all)
Misfortunes As Blessings in Disguise, the Story of My Life, by Dorrit HoffleitMary Brück122
Shining in the Ancient Sea, by Laurin R. JohnsonDimitris Sinachopoulos122
Mary Somerville and the World of Science, by Allan ChapmanMary Brück123
Mapping Mars: Science Imagination and the Birth of a World, by Oliver MortonClive Davenhall124
Observing the Craters of Mars, Part I, by Rodger W. GordonClive Davenhall124
The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection, by Willie Wei-Hock Soon & Steve H. YaskellMary Brück125
Stargazer: The Life and Times of the Telescope, by Fred WatsonWayne Orchiston126
A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century, by Agnes M. ClerkeWayne Orchiston126
Stonehenge: Earth and Sky, by Gerald S. Hawkins & Hubert A. Allen, Jr.John Perdrix127
Journal of Astronomical History and HeritageJohn Perdrix129
Index to Volume 7130
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