Volume 4

Vol. 4 No. 1 Jun 2001

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Visibility of the Thin Lunar Crescent: the Sociology of an Astronomical Problem (a Case Study) Nidhal Guessoum & Kiram Meziane1
Six Stages in the History of the Astronomical UnitDavid W. Hughes15
The English Equatorial Mounting and the History of the Fletcher Telescope Wayne Orchiston29
Spectroscopic Observations of the 1874 Transit of Venus: the Italian Party at Muddapur, Eastern India Luisa Pigatto & Valeria Zanini43
Little Known Aspects of the History of Georgian AstronomyIrakli Simonia59
Recent Publications Relating to the History of AstronomyRuth S. Freitag75
Book Reviews (all)
Worlds Without End: The Historic Search for Extraterrestrial Life, by R.A.S. HennessyDuncan Steel96
Treasure-Hunting in Astronomical Plate Archives, ed. by P. Kroll, C. la Dous, & H.J. BräuerClive Davenhall96
East Asian Archaeoastronomy: Historical Records of Astronomical Observations of China, Japan, and Korea, by Zentao Xu, David W. Pankenier, & Yaotiao Jiang Kwan-Yu Chen98
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Vol. 4 No. 2 Dec 2001

About JAHH Inside Cover
The Life and Times of Sir George Biddell Airy: A SymposiumGilbert E. Satterthwaite99
Airy and Positional Astronomy Gilbert E. Satterthwaite101
Airy’s Transit CircleGilbert E. Satterthwaite115
“Extraneous Government Business”: the Astronomer Royal as Government Scientist: George Airy and His Work on the Commissions of State and Other Bodies, 1838-1880Adam Perkins143
The Airys at GreenwichFrances Ward155
Bertil Lindblad’s Early Work: The Two-dimensional Classification of Stellar Spectra at Low DispersionPer Olof Lindblad163
Book Reviews (all)
Great Comets, by Robert BurnhamWayne Orchiston171
Sur les traces des Cassini, Astronomes et observatoires du sud de la France, ed. by Paul Brouzeng & Suzanne DébarbatIsobel Nikoloff173
Index to Volume 4177
Astronomical Instruments and Archives from the Asia-Pacific Region: Call for PapersIl-Seong Nha, Richard Stephenso, & Wayne Orchiston Inside Back Cover
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