Volume 3

Vol. 3 No. 1 Jun 2000

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Technology and the Emergence of X-ray Astronomy Herbert Gursky1
Seeing the Impossible: Meteors in the Moon Martin Beech & David W. Hughes13
Refining the Astronomical Unit: Queenstown and the 1874 Transit of VenusWayne Orchiston, Tom Love, & Steven J. Dick23
Under a Tropical Sky: a History of Astronomy in Indonesia Bambang Hidayat45
Recent Publications Relating to the History of AstronomyRuth S. Freitag59
Book Reviews (all)
The Victorian Amateur Astronomer: Independent Astronomical Research in Britain 1820-1920, by Allan ChapmanWayne Orchiston86
Mapping and Naming the Moon: A History of Lunar Cartography and Nomenclature, by Ewen A. WhitakerClive Davenhall88
Galileo's Planet: Observing Jupiter Before Photography, by Thomas HockeyClive Davenhall89
Eyes on the Universe. The Story of the Telescope, by Patrick MooreWayne Orchiston90
Other Books Received (with very brief comments)
Seven Wonders of the Cosmos, by Jayant V. Narlikar
The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy, ed. by M. Hoskin
The American Astronomical Society’s First Century, ed. by David H. DeVorkin
Worlds without End: The Historic Search for Extraterrestrial Life, by Roger A.S. Hennessey
Aiming for the Stars: The Dreamers and Doers of the Space Age, by Tom D. Crouch
Guido Horn d'Arturo e lo specchio a tasselli, ed. by Marina Zuccoli & Fabrizio Bònoli
From Galaxies to Turbines: Science, Technology and the Parsons Family, by W. Garrett Scaife
Science in Translation, Movements of Knowledge through Cultures and Time, by Scott L. Montgomery
The Astrophysical Journal: American Astronomical Society Centennial Issue, ed. by Helmut A. Abt
The Irish Astronomical JournalInside Back Cover
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Vol. 3 No. 2 Dec 2000
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Chicago’s Dearborn Observatory: a Study in SurvivalIan R. Bartky93
Recollections of Life as a Student and a Young Astronomer in Germany in the 1920s Hermann A. Brück & Mary T. Brück115
Nineteenth-century Longitude Determinations in the Great Lakes region: Government-university CollaborationsPatricia S. Whitesell131
Buenaventura Suárez SJ: The Pioneer Astronomer of ParaguayAlexis E. Troche-Boggino159
IAU Report
History of Astronomy at the 2000 General Assembly of the International Astronomical UnionSteven J. Dick & Wayne Orchiston165
Book Reviews (all)
The Star of Bethlehem: An Astronomer’s View, by Mark KidgerClive Davenhall169
The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi, by Michael R. MolnarClive Davenhall169
Science in Translation: Movements of Knowledge through Cultures and Time, by Scott L. MontgomeryAlexander A. Gurshtein172
Archives of the International Astronomical Union. Inventory for the Years 1919 - 1970, by Adriaan BlaauwWayne Orchiston173
A Far Off Vision: a Cornishman at Greenwich Observatory, ‘Autobiographical Notes‘ by Edwin Dunkin, ed. by P.D. Hingley & T.C. DanielGilbert E. Satterthwaite173
300 Jahre Astronomie in Berlin und Potsdam, ed. by Wolfgang R. Dick & Klaus FritzeKlaus Hetschel175
Aiming for the Stars, by Tom D. CrouchJos Heyman176
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