Stopover Astronomers

If you are an astronomer or an astrophysicist or a scientist** on the way to or from somewhere else in the neighbourhood of Thailand, you are very welcome to make a stopover  in Chiang Mai, a big city in the northern part of Thailand, and spend a few days with us at NARIT.

You may deliver a short series of lectures related to your current research work or some current issues of your interest in the field of Astronomy, Astrophysics or even Cosmology to our staff.

Or you may discuss a topic of research interest with our researchers.

A domestic return airfare from Suvannabhumi Airport, Bangkok to Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai and the expense of your stay in Chiangmai(i.e accommodation, meals) will be covered by NARIT upon agreed terms and conditions.

Interested? Please send an e-mail to Professor Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note:  ** working in related disciplines to Astronomy.   


Created: 10 October 2010 by S. Wiboolsake 

Last update: 14 January 2012 by S. Wiboolsake