The venue is geographical spread between Chiang Mai city and Doi Inthanon National Park where the observatory is located.

Attendees will arrive in Chiang Mai on Thursday 23 October, however, the seminar will commence on Friday morning with an introductory session at the hotel auditorium. Later that day, the group will depart for Doi Inthanon National Park.

While on-route, the group will attend a number of recreational ice-breaking activities such as elephant riding and visit a cultural village. Attendees will arrive at Doi Inthanon about 5:00pm that day.

Attendees will not leave the National Park region during the seminar period at the observatory.

While at Doi Inthanon the venue will be spread between the National Park headquarters and the observatory site some 10Km away. Children will also be involved in some bush-walking and bird-watching activities. Doi Inthanon is world-renowned for its spectacular flora and fauna diversity.

Attendees will return to Chiang Mai on the Sunday afternoon for de-briefing and discussion before the official closing.