The Southeast Asian Young Astronomers Collaboration or SEAYAC is a group for young astronomer from the Southeast Asian region.  The main objective of SEAYAC is to encourage interaction and collaborations between young astronomers from all Southeast Asian nations.  Being a relatively new field in Southeast Asia, it is important that young astronomers get together in order to provide an environment for interaction, not just in astronomy, but also in the social, cultural and interpersonal level.


Furthermore, by hosting regular meetings/conferences and other activities, young astronomers from each SEA country will have exposure in attending and organizing international conferences.  The visa-free policy of SEA nations will make it easy for young astronomers to attend such meetings.


In addition to providing a venue for interaction among young astronomers in Southeast Asia, it is the objective of SEAYAC to encourage future generations to take up a career in astronomy.  This is to be accomplished through career orientations and astronomy outreach programs organized in each SEA country.


Finally, it is the aim of SEAYAC to promote interaction between young astronomers in SEA and other young astronomers worldwide through exchange programs and similar activities.  This would be very beneficial for members who plan to pursue a career in astronomy in the future.


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