Your stay at Chiang Mai


        The Thai currency is the baht (THB) and for current exchange rates in other currencies click here


        There are money-changing facilities at Chiangmai Krabi Airport and Hotel Area  where you can change foreign currency for Thai baht.  Most ATM machines will accept the standard international credit cards.  


SIM Cards

        If you need a local sim-card during your stay you can obtain these at Chiang Mai Airport or at many shops in the Maya Shopping Complex which is opposite the hotel.  Credit for sim-cards can be purchased at various shops in the Shopping Complex or at the 24-hr Seven-11 convenience store across the road from the Hotel, on Huay Kaew Road.



        Thailand used 220V AC, and the Hotel has 3-pin wall outlets.  If the power leads on your laptop and mobile phone recharger have plugs that will not fit both of these wall outlets, you need an adapter.



        There is no travel and medical insurance provided by NARIT. This must be applied by the participants.


The weather in Chiang Mai in August


The month of August is characterized by essentially constant daily high temperatures, with daily highs around 31°C throughout the month, exceeding 33°C or dropping below 28°C only one day in ten.

Daily High and Low Temperature in August

The daily average low (blue) and high (red) temperature with percentile bands (inner band from 25th to 75th percentile, outer band from 10th to 90th percentile).


Daily low temperatures are around 24°C, falling below 23°C or exceeding 25°C only one day in ten.

Fraction of Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands in August

The average fraction of time spent in various temperature bands: frigid (below -9°C), freezing (-9°C to 0°C), cold (0°C to 10°C), cool (10°C to 18°C), comfortable (18°C to 24°C), warm (24°Cto 29°C), hot (29°C to 38°C) and sweltering (above 38°C).