The program will comprise a science project together with about 4 lectures during the seminar period, concluding with a guest speaker presentation. Project tasking requires individual and group participation, together with post-seminar activities by way of collaborative networking to facilitate progressing their projects toward completion.

The salient intention throughout the seminar is to provide a practical and informative introduction to the objectives and functions within an astronomical observatory. A broader emphasis will be placed upon how astronomy and associated sciences and their supporting technologies often transfer into innovative solutions within commercial, industrial and medical applications.

The seminar will conclude with a guest speaker from an ASEAN co-ordinating agency to discuss implications of the region?s economic integration upon free flow of labour, technology transfer and the standardisation of tertiary education, vocational qualifications and the region?s common language.



Martin Callaway;  Observatory Specialist, NARIT

Team Leader

Introductory lecture welcoming children and outlining the seminar objectives and agenda.


Mr. Khomsan Thuree (Bank);  Public Outreach, NARIT

Science Project and Vocational Support:

Bank and his team will introduce and assist with implementing a children?s science project together with co-ordinating other activities such as night-sky familisation, bushwalking and elephant trekking. The team will also assist children in creating and on-going management of post-seminar collaborative networking.


Mr. Thanakrit Santikunaporn (Ou);   Public Outreach, NARIT

Observatory Engineering Support:

Ou and his team will present a lecture intended to increase children?s awareness of the systems, technologies and equipment used at an observatory. This will be facilitated by a familiarisation visit to the telescope. Children will be encouraged to identify where these technologies may translate into broader applications.


Mr. Sittiporn Doentaku (Yo);  Public Outreach, NARIT

Telescope Operations:

Yo and his team will present a lecture highlighting specific roles and typical duties of scientific and engineering staff, and how a co-operative team effort is important in achieving a common objective. A visit to the observatory during actual telescope operations is intended to consolidate children?s awareness of these roles and team spirit values.


Mr. Pisit Nitiyanat (Whai);  Public Outreach, NARIT

Event Management and Organisational Support:

Whai and his team will present a lecture in relation to NARIT?s relevance within the ASEAN region and the broader international astronomical community. This team will also attend to event management matters, co-ordinate accommodation, transport, meals and ensure adequate safety standards and preparedness for medivac contingencies.


All teams will be available to monitor and assist children in identifying their unique interests and to provide general guidance in them considering appropriate study and vocational pathways in astronomy and associated sciences and supporting technologies.