In acknowledgement of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) goal of regional economic integration by 2015, the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) is offering a 3-day pre-vocational education seminar for about 30 senior high-school students. 

Applications are open to boys and girls throughout the ASEAN group of nations who are currently enrolled and attending senior secondary school (aged about 17 and 18). Students will be grouped such that they will be supervised and travel to Chiang Mai with a teacher from a school within the region and country of origin.

The seminar will be staged at the Doi Inthanon National Park where NARIT owns and operates a modern, world-class optical observatory supporting public and tertiary education together with high-profile international scientific collaboration.

By demonstrating how astronomy and its supporting engineering technologies can be used to enhance the socio-economic development within the region, this seminar is intended to broaden students? vocational horizons and to motivate them to consider their own future participation and roles in the region?s development.

During the seminar, students will be exposed to scientific and engineering concepts and personal values associated with a co-operative and multidisciplinary vocational team effort required in achieving common scientific and engineering goals. Students will gain a broad awareness of career and study options in astronomy, associated sciences and engineering support roles.

Students will be accommodated in appropriate and safe lodging near the National Park Headquarters. They will enjoy a varied blend of social and educational activities with ample opportunity to develop friendships and engage in social networking within a group with origins from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds within the ASEAN region. The program will incorporate ice-breaking activities such as bird-watching, elephant riding and a night-sky star gazing project to ensure students remain both inspired and on-task during the seminar.

The seminar will be presented entirely in English, however, at a level appropriate for attendees with reasonable to good English comprehension skills. NARIT would expect attendees to have a very keen interest in Science and Technology.

This seminar is funded by the International Astronomical Union, South East Asian Regional Office of Astronomy Development and NARIT ? there are no registration fees or participation costs. All accommodation, local transport and meal costs will be covered once the attendees arrive at Chiang Mai. Supervising teachers will also be regarded as seminar attendees. NARIT may consider a contribution toward attendee travel expenses.