We aim at a small number of participants, with a limit of 20, to maximize the direct experience with the instrumentation and with the tutors. The participants are expected to pay for their travel to Chiang Mai, while NARIT will cover local expenses for accommodation and subsistence. However, limited international travel grants may be available on request.

Lectures and tutorials will be held by experienced international researchers. The total duration will be 5 days, with an additional day before the Workshop.

The first day (Monday) will consist of an afternoon/evening excursion to the Thai National Observatory on Doi Inthanon, about 100 km away. The participants will thus be able to see the site, the telescope, and the instruments. However, observations will be carried out from a remote control station set up at the NARIT Headquarters in Chiang Mai. During the nights of Tuesday through Friday, the participants will be divided in small subgroups which will take turns at observations and data reduction. At least two tutors will be available on each night.

The participants are expected to bring their own laptops, but they will be able to connect remotely to the instruments and to the data reduction computers which will be set up by NARIT.