NIATW Preliminary Program





Transport from Doi Inthanon to Chiang Mai airport takes about 2 hours. Early departures can be arranged.


Most lectures will be held during the first two days in Chiang Mai, where also tutorials will be given for the two topics which will be based on archival data, namely “Active Galactic Nuclei Variability” and “Variability from All-Sky Surveys”.

On the third day, the participants will move to Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand, at about 2,500m elevation. This is a National Park, and one of the most visited attractions in Thailand. Accomodation for the participants will be provided in cottages near the Park Headquarters, at an intermediate elevation of 1,300m. Nearby, NARIT has established the AstroLodge, where lecturers will be accomodated, and offices and meeting rooms where further lectures and the data reduction tutorials will be held.

Note that night time temperatures at the Observatory site can fall below 10C at night time. Participants should bring warm clothes and shoes.

What NIATW provides

The following will be free of charge for the participants:

·         3 nights (March 24, 25, 26) at the Chiang Mai Hill Hotel, inclusive of breakfast

·         6 nights at the Eco Hut Lodge on Doi Inthanon (check-in March 27, check-out April 2)

·         refreshments during coffee breaks; night-time snacks and drinks at the Observatory

·         all local transportation

·         limited health insurance

All other expenses must be born by the participants. For example: travel to/from Chiang Mai, cost of visa if needed. All meals must be paid by the participants (excluding breakfast while in Chiang Mai which is included in the hotel accomodation, and the night snacks at Doi Inthanon). There is a wide choice of food and prices around NARIT and in Chiang Mai, to suit every taste and budget. The meals at Doi Inthanon can be arranged collectively or individually: this will be decided later.


Accomodation for the lecturers will be in single rooms, and for the participants in shared rooms (double rooms in Chiang Mai, and 2-6 beds at Doi Inthanon), with private facilities. Selected participants will be contacted later about their preferences for room-sharing.

The hotel in Chiang Mai is of 3* standard, and provides the usual amenities such as soap, shampoo, towels, hairdryer, A/C. At Doi Inthanon however the accomodation is more basic, and participants should bring their own toiletries. A nearby convenience store can also be of help.

Dietary requirements

Meals in Chiang Mai will be to the discretion of the participants. There are several options, within walking distance from the venue in NARIT, for Halal, Vegetarian, and other requirements.

Meals on Doi Inthanon will be from local simple restaurants. Also in this case, it is possible to plan in advance for most dietary requirements.

After selection, the confirmed participants will be contacted by the LOC for their dietary needs.


Wi-Fi will be available at all locations: NARIT, hotel, Doi Inthanon.


Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, but all other religions are held in respect. For example, Mosques and Churches are readily found in Chiang Mai. However please note that on days such as Friday or Sunday which are of special importance for Muslims and Christian, the participants will be located at Doi Inthanon where there will be no possibilities to attend services in a Mosque or a Church.

Touristic Interests

Chiang Mai is one of the main tourist destinations in Thailand, but unfortunately the NIATW program is quite packed and there will no be opportunities to visit the city or its surroundings. Participants who wish to do so should plan for a little extra time before or after NIATW.

Similarly, there is no provision for accompanying partners of the participants and no plans for sight seeing. If they wish to be accompanied, the participants can book their accomodation privately. In this case, please contact the LOC.

Health Insurance

NIATW will cover the participants with a limited health insurance package. For example, accidents will be covered but not simple illnesses. After selection, the LOC will contact the confirmed participants to obtain the necessary details such as passport number, etc.

If the participants wish to have a more comprehensive health insurance coverage, they should please arrange it privately.