The concept of the Training Workshop is to provide, for a selected number of research topics, a hands-on experience on how to use the facilities and modern instrumentation available at NARIT. The participants will learn how to prepare an observing run, how to use the instruments and how to analyze the data. After NIATW, the participants will be able to carry out their own research in these areas with the same or similar instrumentation.


The focus of this first NIATW is about time-variable phenomena in Astrophysics, with emphasis on short time scales from less than one day to sub-seconds. Examples are: stellar pulsation, oscillations, occultations, transits, exoplanets, binaries, accretion-driven variability, Also the use of archival data will be promoted, e.g. to study variability in AGNs . The lectures and tutorials will cover theory, data analysis, and observations by both imaging and spectroscopy with the Thai National 2.4-m Telescope (TNT).