Young Astronomer Ambassadors in South Korea

19-25 March 2012


During the week of 19-25 March 2012, the team of 2011 Young Astronomer Ambassadors from Thailand went on a study tour to the Republic of Korea. Among places and important institutions of their visit were Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), Daejong Observatory for the Public, Yonsei University which houses a 14-m  telescope and Bo Yun San Observatory, the biggest astronomical observatory of the country.

The three astronomer ambassadors were the winners of the 2011 Young Astronomer Ambassadors Contest (YAAC), an innovative competition-based project organised yearly by NARIT in an attempt to find young high school students who have strong interest in astronomy. These young ambassadops are encouraged to pursue astronomy as their carrers in the future, thus increasing qualified human resource in Thailand astronomy circle.

NARIT Director at COSPAR Councill Meeting

12/13 March 2012


NARIT Director, Professor Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, joined COSPAR Council Meeting in Paris, France during March 12-13. At this meeting, the COSPAR Council agreed on an overall concept of the 1st COSPAR Symposium, of which Professor Soonthornthum will act  as the Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee. The Symposium is to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in late 2013 and will be co-hosted by GISTDA and NARIT.

NARIT Deputy Director on "2012: The End of the World?"

10 February 2012


In an open discussion at the National Science Museum(NSM) Public Engagement Programme in Bangkok on the much-received-attention topic, "2012: The End of the World?", Dr Saran Poshyachinda, NARIT Deputy Director on Academic Affairs, talked about the current theories of doom as being proposed by many, scientists and prophets alike. He explained about certain astronomical phenomena which will occur in 2012, but strongly denied, employing scientific argument to support his statement, that such phenomena will bring the end to the world.  "On the contrary, our Earth is becoming more and more devastated as a consequence of human actions. Every one of us should be aware of that", said Dr. Poshyachinda at the end of the discussion.

He was joined by two other prominent academicians, Dr. Pichai Sonjang, NSM Director, and Dr. Buncha Boonthanasombut, a popular science information scientist.

Visiting Researcher from James Cook University Gave Special Seminar at NARIT

2 February 2012


On Thursday, February 2nd, Professor Wayne Orchiston from James Cook University, Australia, on his commitment as a visiting researcher at NARIT, gave a talk entitled "From Tahiti to Thailand: Transits of Venus and the Quest for the Astronomical Unit". The talk was about the fact that from the time of ancient astronomy in Tahiti to the present world of astronomy, astronomers have made significant studies on the Transits of Venus which, consequently, substantially contributed to the existing astronomical unit in Solar System astronomy now-a-days.

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Special Lectures on "ULTRASPEC on the 2.4m Thai National Telescope" and "White Dwarfs in Close Binary Systems"

31 January 2012


Today, Professor Vik Dhillon from the University of Sheffield, England delivered a lecture on the topic "ULTRASPEC on the 2.4 mThai National Telescope", in the Main Meeting Room of NARIT headquarter. In his lecture, Professor Dhillon discussed different aspects of the interesting work going on in designing high speed camera, especially the one for the 2.4m Thai National Telescope, and brought out the idea for  future development of the camera.The lecture was attended by NARIT researchers and observatory technical operation and maintainance staff. A question-answer session followed after the talk.

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