International Expertise in Radio Astronomy is synchronized for Thai VLBI Network

Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

7 September 2016

Thai Very Long Baseline Interferometer Network Collaborative Workshop – TVN 2016 assembles 55 experts specialized in Radio Astronomy across the globe in Krabi, Thailand during 5 -9 September this year to galvanize advised information in Radio Astronomical research and technology, aiming to establish a National Network for Radio Astronomy and Geodesy (NNRAG), and ultimately through “Thai VLBI Network” or TVN, with the first station located in Northern Thailand.



Krabi has once again tantalized its charms of a seaside town down the south of Thailand to experts in radio astronomy gathered to foster international academic collaborations amid Thai researchers and beyond, through brainstorming sessions, workshops, open and parallel discussions over the 5 consecutive days of constructive and well-planned schedule.



Initiated by NARIT, the effort to establish the very first VLBI station in Southeast Asia, and ultimately Thai VLBI Network – TVN has been approved by the Royal Thai Government and is currently striving towards the first step in establishing a National Network for Radio Astronomy and Geodesy (NNRAG). Research Astronomers represented in this collaborative workshop are mostly from various global institutes in which NARIT holds a very close and long relations with including Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), National Astronomy Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), all of which we have the Memoranda of Understanding on bilateral ties with.



In the consequence with the NNRAG, the first phase will comprise of a 40-m single-dish ratio telescope and a 13-m VLBI2010 antenna for geodetic applications, to be built in the Northern part of Thailand. A feasibility study has been conducted. During the workshop, results from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) environment and weather conditions at candidate site, and project timeline will be presented to the audience. The overall aim of this project is focused on Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics across the region, benefiting from the enhanced networks to be put into discussions in this workshop herewith, and later on expanding the Thai VLBI Network to link with the existing ones in East Asia, Australia and beyond. 



The workshop also aims to advertise the ongoing and upcoming projects in the above mention to expert individuals working in the related fields for the sake of the rapid and sustainable growth of cooperation that is yet to come. Let’s join hands in the hope that the environment of southern sea breeze will cherish our participants to achieve the utmost benefits from these fruitful works of TVN 2016.