Radio Astronomy marveled in the spotlight of 30 post-graduates and senior undergraduates in NARIT-UST-GUAS Radio Astronomy Winter School 2016.

February 15-19, 2016

Chiang Mai, Thailand

It is with no denial on the emergence of Radio Astronomy across the Indo-China Peninsula, so as all the way to Oceania over the past century is astonishing, and the NARIT-UST-GUAS Radio Astronomy Winter School 2016 held in Chiang Mai was indeed just that. Co-sponsored by the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT), Korea University of Science and Technology (UST) and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (GUAS)


The School introduced participants to general concepts of radio astronomy and VLBI techniques, exposed them to radio telescope fundamentals, principles, revolved around the spectral lines and star formation, extragalactic sources, DiFX and radio imaging. Several research projects and instrumentation carried out by visiting lecturers were also familiarized, raising awareness on current and future radio astronomy developments in East Asia and Australia. A 5-day Winter School also provided participants an opportunity to participate in lab sessions, hand-on tutorials, as well as discussion of the possibilities for post-graduate training options.



Clearly this is a growing area of interest for Asian and Southeast Asian radio astronomy in the thrilling years to come.