ISAC sees core values and renders unfathomable contributions for NARIT

Regional Observatory for the Public Nakhon Ratchasima

Nakhon Ratchasima


28 Jan, 2016

Today NARIT's International Scientific Advisory Committee or ISAC visits Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) in Nakhon Ratchasima as part of their trip to Thailand to study NARIT's past year performance and facilitate new NARIT's roadmap in the making.

Prof. Wng. Cmdr. Dr. Sarawut Sujitjorn, Synchrotron Light Institute Director welcomes the ISAC team, lead by Prof. Mike Bode, ISAC Chair and Prof. Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, NARIT Executive Director with his utmost solace. A special presentation displaying SLRI's expertise has been depicted with a highlight of Mirror Coating Chamber under the breakthrough collaboration between the two institutes. "The Mirror Coating Chamber for the 2.4-m Thai National Telescope has set a benchmark for Thailand's frontier of astronomical instrumentation development, integrated by 2 leading national agencies that share the same goal in crafting our own innovation by our own home grown inventors. This new powerful beast is nothing but a great achievement that makes everyone involved in the project proud" says Prof. Boonrucksar after the presentation. The team tours the synchrotron facilities where beamlines are present for inspection leaving good impressions to all ISAC members.


The same afternoon, ISAC team inspects the Regional Observatory for the Public (ROP), Nakhon Ratchasima as part of their mission to visit all regional observatories to get a better picture of how NARIT is operating. Dr. Nuanwan Sanguansak, ROP Advisor together with her staff members displays good governance of both operation and management of the ROP Nakhon Ratchasima in a very professional fashion. The main highlights of the afternoon are planetarium session, telescope operation inspection and talks with the ROP staff members. 


ISAC members are independent experts that provide advice and support to NARIT Executive Director. They are appointed on the basis of their specific skills of knowledge in the fields of Astrophysics and Astronomy. The aim of the committee is to support research activities, provide guidance and recommendations for short and long term goals, and assist in the communication of NARIT 's  research work in the world arena. ISAC meets at NARIT once a year in January and twice a year by electronic mail.  See for more information.


This year, ISAC is scheduled to work at NARIT during 28 January - 3 February, 2016. Stay tuned for more news and updates as the ISAC meeting continues.