Young & Vibrant Participants cherished the freezing fun as ASEAN Astronomy Camp returned.

Jan 28, 2016

ASEAN Astronomy Camp 2016 wrapped up impressively at Doi Inthanon summit! The 3-day forum took in 35 high-school participants and 8 advisors from all over ASEAN countries to participate in fruitful astronomical activities such as The Making of Star Map, Fundamental Stargazing, Solar Observation and Telescope usage.


        The camp ground location was splendid by itself, given the fact that Doi Inthanon National Park is approximately 2,500 metres above the mean sea level, making it the highest mountain in Thailand. As NARIT experts walked them through this spectacular world of Astronomy, participants engaged in methodological theories and put them into implementation which included Distance measurement, Comets making, Solar observation, Telescope usage, before headed up to the summit of Doi Inthanon for nighttime Dobsonian observation where the temperature dropped to 9°C. “I had a wonder chance to make friendship in ASEAN, as well as to learn basic stargazing skills and how to use telescopes properly. We do have the telescope back in Laos, but we haven’t had much of a chance to use it. Now that I know all the details and can’t wait to go back and teach my friends at school.” – said Chanjalearn Rasphone, a student from Lao PDR. On the last day of the forum, a 4am stargazing was conducted, observed the sunrise at Kew Mae Parn, visited Royal Thai Air Force Reporting Post, Thai National Observatory and the Twin Pagodas. The camp ended on January 23rd, 2016 with worthwhile outcomes implemented through group presentations. Until next year AAC 2017!