7th SEAAN Meeting 2015 emerges triumphant

30 Nov, 2015

7th SEAAN Meeting 2015

Krabi, Thailand

Prof. Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, NARIT executive director and president of SEAAN presides over the opening of 7th SEAAN (Southeast Asia Astronomy Network) Meeting 2015 today in Krabi, Thailand. This year sees a very special occasion as the 7th SEAAN Meeting is held in conjunction with History and Heritage Working Group Meeting and SEAYAC (Southeast Asian Young Astronomers Collaboration) 2015. The events run from Nov 30 until 4 December 2015.


Prof. Boonrucksar addresses his opening remarks with an urge to astronomers in the region to work more closely with projects that share common values and expansive impact to the region, taken into account that SEAAN has been strengthened by existing and emerging cutting edge facilities and infrastructures and escalating number of researchers within the ASEAN community. "The synergy of SEAAN shall prevail only when we work together and there is no better mechanism to keep the synergy going than the SEAAN Meeting" says Prof. Boonrucksar. "With the UNESCO's International Training Centre in Astronomy recently awarded to NARIT, we are more than certain that vast opportunities are right at our door as the influx of manpower and expertise from all over the world is pouring in" adds Prof. Boonrucksar.



This year, over 70 astronomers in Southeast Asia convene at the 7th SEAAN Meeting, History & Heritage Working Group Meeting, and SEAYAC 2015 - one of the most successful SEAAN meetings in the SEAAN history since it was founded in 2007. Ever since, the meeting has been a source of inspirations for astronomers across the region where they can voice their thoughts and research work.



The meetings kick off with a joint business meeting where country and working group reports over the past year are heard and SEAAN Charter has been as well discussed for the first time at SEAAN level.


Day 1 highlight talks include "Total Solar Eclipse 2016" by Dr. Hakim Malasan, "EAST Asian VLBI Network" by Prof. Hideyuki Kobayashi, and "NARIT Infrastructure" by Dr. Saran Poshyachinda


Stay tuned for more highlights as the 7th SEAAN Meeting, History and Heritage Working Group Meeting and SEAYAC 2015 continue.