The Radio Astronomy Winter School will be held at the IbisHotel, which is located near the corner of Huay Kaew Road and Kanklong Cholprathan Road, two of the main roads in Chiang Mai, and relatively close to the NARIT headquarters (see the map below).  The Hotel also is close to Chiang Mai International Airport and to a number of attractions, and is within easy reach of downtown Chiang Mai by red bus or tuktuk.


Very close to the hotel are restaurants, banks, massage shops and a 24-hr 7/11 convenience store.



Chiang Mai is located in the far north of Thailand, and is served by an international airport, with direct flights to and from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Taiwan.  From other Asian countries Chiang Mai is reached via Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.  Note that Chiang Mai is far from Bangkok: the aeroplane flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes about one hour, while the bus trip is about 10 hours.



Shared accommodation in twin rooms (two persons per room) will be provided by NARIT at the Ibis Hotel (the venue of the Winter School) and the nearby Phucombe Hotel.  The accommodation will include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Free wirelesss internet access is available at both hotels, and each has a swimming pool.


NARIT will make the hotel reservations for you once we receive your arrival and departure details.



There is a plentiful supply of red buses (which hold up to 10 people each) and tuktuks (which can carry at most 4 people) outside the Ibis Hotel or in front of the Phucome Hotel (on the other side of Huay Kaew Road).  A trip to the Thapae Gate-Loi Kroh Road area (see the map above), where there are night markets, Buddhist temples, Thai boxing, and many restaurants, massage shops and bars, takes 15-20 minutes and costs about 100 baht (total) in a tuktuk and 20 baht per passenger in a red bus.