If you wish to attend ISYA 2014 please complete and submit the on-line Registration Form [click here] before 8 August 2014.


Note that by submitting a Registration Form this does not guarantee that you will automatically attend the School.  We expect that ISYA 2014 will be over-subscribed so we will have to select the 40 students who will be invited to attend the School.


Note, also, that if you are offered a place in ISYA 2014 you must be willing to attend the entire School (you cannot come for only a part of it).




Please note these important dates:


1)  8 August: the deadline to submit an on-line application.

2)  1 September: by this date all students will be advised of the outcome of their applications.  Either you will be (a) refused a place; or (b) offered a place in ISYA 2014; or (c) placed on a back-list for a second round of offers if those offered places initially for one reason or another cannot accept their places.  You will be asked to confirm that you received this email.

3)  15 September: if have been offered a place in ISYA 2014 then you must advise us by this date whether you accept it or decline it.  If we do not hear from you by this date we will assume that you have decided to decline our offer.

4)  30 September: on this date, if you are on the ?back-up list? you will hear whether or not you have been successful in gaining a place in ISYA 2014.

5)  30 September: if you must apply for a visa before coming to Thailand this is about the right time to submit your application to the Thai Embassy in your home country.

6)  22 or 23 November: arrive in Chiang Mai.

7)  24 November: start of ISYA 2014.

8)  12 December: end of ISYA 2014.

9)  13 or 14 December: leave Chiang Mai.