The Thai currency is the baht (THB) and for current exchange rates in other currencies click here http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/


There are money-changing facilities at Bangkok and Chiang Mai airports where you can change foreign currency for Thai baht.  In Chiang Mai, there are a number of banks and many ATM machines most of which accept the standard international credit cards.



If you need a local sim-card during your stay you can obtain these at Chiang Mai Airport or at many shops within Shopping Complexes in Chiang Mai. Credit for sim-cards can be purchased at various shops in the Shopping Complexes or at the 24-hr Seven-11 convenience stores throughout Thailand.



Thailand used 220V AC, however, outlets generally will either be 2-pin or 3-pin with an Earth. Be prepared with an appropriate multi-adaptor that will accept your pin configuration to either of the standards that occur within Thailand.



NARIT will provide accident and medical insurance for the duration of the seminar, that is ? from Thursday 24 October to 26 October 2014. An additional day will be covered for those who have departure travel arrangements the following day, Monday 27 October 2014.


Note that this insurance cover does not include the period of travel to or from Chiang Mai outside the above-mentioned dates. Nor does it cover such things as loss of money or luggage, or changes to flight bookings that result from circumstances beyond your control. You may wish to consider separate travel insurance yourself before coming to the seminar.



Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex near where attendees will be accommodated has a number of pharmacies where common medicines can be purchased.  Meanwhile, if you need medical treatment, Chiang Mai Ram Hospital and Sripat [pronounced See-Pat] Hospital are very close to the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel. Both are excellent international-standard hospitals with a wide range of in-patient and out-patient services, and with English-speaking staff:


During our stay at Doi Inthanon limited medical services will be available at the local Chom Thong district hospital some 52Km from the staging site. NARIT will provide a medical evacuation service, if necessary.



International attendees should be aware that their Passports may need to have at least 6-months validty as a requirement to be admitted to Thailand. Attendees should check for themselves for any other particular visa or medical requirements in order to visit Thailand.




In Chiang Mai in October the days are usually warm at about 32?C while in the evenings  may be pleasantly cooler at about 23?C. It is not likely to be rainy.

However, at the higher altitude at Doi Inthanon the weather is much less certain. Generally the temperatures could be about 10?C lower than in Chiang Mai.


Attendees will be exposed to the outdoors in both the day and for evening events. It would be wise to bring a jumper or light jacket and a beanie (warm head-wear) for the evenings.

October is the end of the rainy season however, bring a change of clothes in case we are catch-out. Attendees will also need to bring in-expensive but fully-enclosed foot-wear for bush-walking.