The observatory's construction exemplifies NARIT's spirit of international collaboration, with parts and instruments sourced from around the globe.

The observatory houses the Thai National Telescope (TNT), a telescope with a 2.4-meter primary mirror, and a Ritchey-Chretien optical layout.   The telescope is in an 'Altitude-Azimuth' mounting, with two Nasmyth foci.   The telescope was manufactured by Electro-Optical Systems in Tucson, Arizona, USA.   The 2.4 meter primary mirror was fabricated and underwent fine polishing at the Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS) facility near Moscow.



Description Specification
Primary Mirror Diameter 2.4 M (+/- 10 mm)
Total Focal Langht 24 M
System Focal Ratio f/10
Plate Scale 8.6 arcsec/mm
Field of View 16 arc min
Total wavefront error < 140 nm rms at 0 Zenith angle
Description Specification
Mounting Altitude-Azimuth (Alt-Az)
Basic Optics  Ritchey-Chr?tien folded dual Nasmyth system
Maximum Slewing Speed 4.0 deg/sec
Pointing accuracy  Better than 3 arcsec RMS to 70? zenith angle
Tracking accuracy (without guiding)  Less than 0.5 arcsec RMS over 10 min
Keyhole (Zenith Blind Spot)  0.5 Degrees radius


2.4 m Telescope Structure


Secondary Mirror Mirror Support


Corrector Lens Azimuth Motor


Instruments Cube