Your stay in Chiang Mai

Money Matters

The Thai currency is the baht (THB) and for current exchange rates in other currencies click here

There are money-changing facilities at Bangkok and Chiang Mai airports where you can change foreign currency for Thai baht.  In Chiang Mai, there are a number of banks and many ATM machines in the MAYA Shoping Center, opposite to where NIATWwill be held, and also at numerous locations throughout the city.  Most ATM machines will accept the standard international credit cards.  Some banks are open during the evening, and on weekends.



If you need a local sim-card during your stay you can obtain these at Chiang Mai Airport or at many shops in the MAYA Shoping Center.  Credit for sim-cards can be purchased at various shops in the Shopping Center or at the 24-hr Seven-11 convenience store.



Thailand used 220V AC, which has 3-pin wall and 2-pin wall outlets, like those shown below on the left and the right, respectively.  If the power leads on your laptop and mobile phone recharger have plugs that will not fit both of these wall outlets and you need an adapter.



NARIT will provide ONLY accident insurance from the time you arrive at Immigration in Thailand up until the time you pass through Immigration again on your way home.  Note that this insurance policy does not cover the period of travel before you reach Immigration in Thailand, or after you leave Immigration on your way home.  Nor does it cover such things as loss of money or luggage, or changes to flight bookings that result from circumstances beyond your control, so you may wish to take out separate travel insurance yourself before coming to the workshop


Medication and Medical Services

There are a number of pharmacies where common medicines can be purchased.  Meanwhile, if you need medical treatment, Chiang Mai Ram Hospital and Sriphat Medical Center [pronounced See-Pat] are very close to the Hotel and the Headquarter. Both are excellent international-standard hospitals with a wide range of in-patient and out-patient services, and with English-speaking staff.


The weather in Chiang Mai in May

From May onwards the tourist season in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand is in decline, but the weather improves as the rains arrive. This means sunny skies and afternoon storms to cool things off.