10 August 2014:     Registration and seminar applications close.


21 August 2014:     You will be notified by email of the outcome of your application. You will either be     
                               offered or declined a placement. You will need to confirm receipt of that email  


28 August 2014:     If you were selected to attend, and, have confirmed receipt of notification by close
                               of business on this date then you will be forwarded a confirmation of attendance.
23 October 2014:   Successful applicants arrive in Chiang Mai and are assigned suitable accommodation
                               arrangements as outlined in the Program Schedule.


24 October 2014:   Seminar begins; see Program Schedule for details.


26 October 2014:   Seminar ends. Participants with appropriate travel arrangements depart Chiang  


27 October 2014:   Remaining participants depart Chiang Mai.
                               NARIT insurance cover terminates at midnight.