Lectures and hands-on sessions will be conducted by Dr. Dominik Steinhauser, University of Innsbruck, Austria.

        Dr. Steinhauser did a Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, a Master in computer science at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and a Master in Computational Physics at the University of Innsbruck working on computer simulations of galaxies in cluster environments. He further pursued a PhD working on the same topic at the Institute of Astro- and Particle Physics at the University of Innsbruck, where he currently is working as a Post-Doctoral researcher. During his studies he was a visiting scientist at Heidelberg Insitute for theoretical studies, working with Prof. Volker Springel. His research interests include the study of galaxy formation and evolution, especially quenching of disk galaxies due to environmental effects. Further topics include large-scale structure formation simulations and galaxy formation simulations including semi-analytical models of galaxy formation. Moreover, he is interested in code development, modeling of physical processes and high-performance computing.