The Venue & Practical Issues

Workshop Venue: Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew

Accommodation: Participants will need to arrange and pay on their own for travel and accommodation. Details for accommodation will be updated soon…


VISA: Citizens of 19 countries can obtain visas upon arrival  in Bangkok or Chiang Mai that will remain valid for the duration of the workshop. Moreover, citizens from 55 countries can get visa-free entry as tourist.   Please visit Thai embassy website to know which category you belong to. Participants from other the countries need to obtain a visa to enter in Thailand. If you require an official invitation letter for the visa application please send us copy of your passport, Institute/University you are affiliated to, your address, and title (Ms., Mr., Dr. etc.) at [email protected] with the subject “invitation letter for visa application”.  For more information about Thai visas please contact the nearest Thai Embassy in the country of your residence. 


Travel to Chiangmai:  Chiangmai is located in northern Thailand about 700 km north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Many Asian countries have direct flight to Chiangmai. However, participants from other countries will have to change their flights at Bangkok. Flights between Bangkok and Chiangmai takes little over an hours. Alternatively, bus and overnight train trips are also available but at cost of 10-12 hours of travel time.    


Money Matters: The Thai currency is the baht (THB) and for current exchange rates in other currencies click here  . There are money-changing facilities at Bangkok and Chiang Mai airports where you can exchange foreign currency for Thai baht.  In Chiang Mai, there are a number of banks and many  ATM machines  at numerous locations across the city.  Most ATM machines will accept the standard international credit cards.  Some banks are open during the evening, and on weekends.


Sim Cards: If you need a local sim-card during your stay you can obtain these at Chiang Mai Airport,  24-hrs 7-Eleven convenience stores or at shopping malls.  Credit for sim-cards can be purchased at various shops in the Shopping Centers or at the  7-Eleven.


Electricity: Thailand used 220V AC, which has 3-pin wall and 2-pin wall outlets, like those shown below on the left and the right, respectively.  If the power leads on your laptop and mobile phone recharger have plugs that will not fit both of these wall outlets and you need an adapter.


Medical Services: There are a number of pharmacies where common medicines can be purchased.  Meanwhile, if you need medical treatment, Chiang Mai Ram Hospital and Sriphat Medical Center [pronounced See-Pat] are very close to the Hotel and the Headquarter. Both are excellent international-standard hospitals with a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, and with English-speaking staff. 


Weather in May: In Thailand, May is the transition month between summer and rainy season. The average temperature is reported to be between 24 to 34 ℃. Some years  May feels like starting month for rainy season but some years it remains an extended month of summer. However, we recommend  to bring an umbrella/raincoat to protect yourself from occasional rain.