Statistics is a tool to analyze and interpret the data in order to verify the validity of scientific theories.  The advancement in technology has made scientific data easily obtainable.  However, the amount of data from experiments and observations become so large such that the growth rate of the data itself is far greater than the computational capability to analyze them in a human suitable time scale.  Such data are, for example, the data from the cosmic microwave background radiation, the data from the large hadron collider and the two and three-dimensional mapping of extragalactic objects.  Hence, advanced statistical methods are timely needed to effectively deal with large amount of data in a sufficiently short time scale with indisputable data inference.

        Advanced analytIcal Methods in cosmology and HIgh energy physics (AIMHI) school has an aim to provide an international workshop intensively focussed on application of advanced statistical methods in analyzing large data.  The foreign guest speakers who are expert in the field, will deliver the lectures and public talks.  The level of the workshop is adjusted to suit graduate students in Physics in Thailand and nearby countries.  However, lecturers and students in related disciplinary are also welcome.

        National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) aims to support astronomical research which demand substantial among of data.  Hence, the application of advanced statistical methods in dealing with large data will be beneficial to research in astronomy and related science.  In addition, the school will set up research collaborations and activities within the region. Moreover, NARIT has been assigned as the South East Asia Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (SEA-ROAD) with the main mission to encourage and support astronomy research and education in the region.